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Akahi Necklace

Akahi Necklace

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I often not very vocal about it but my father's side is Native American, Shoshone to be exact. As I get older, I find myself more interested in learning about my heritage. Living on the mainland has given me access to learn more about my Native American background and how to embrace it by meeting other individuals who are so passionate about it.

I named this piece “akahi” because it means “once”, or just now, in ‘ōlelo hawai’i. It also expresses greatness. This was the first type of beading and jewelry piece I’ve ever made and it’s what made me fall in love with creating jewelry for other people. No matter how many times I make these, I will never get tired of them. 

Please keep in mind these necklaces take awhile to make so please be patient with me while I make your piece. I want to make sure it's perfect! If you have any colors you'd like me to incorporate, don't hesitate to ask!

These necklaces are beautifully paired with a natural white pearl, if you decide you prefer without it, please reach out :) 

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